2D Electron Ptychographical Imaging

figure-2.jpgElectron Ptychographic Diffractive Imaging of Boron Atoms in LaB6 Crystals.

Here we show that electron ptychography can recover structural information for light elements located between heavy elements at atomic resolution and with high phase sensitivity, demonstrated in an experimental reconstruction of a LaB6 nanoparticle. This work was published in  Scientific Reports.


3D Electron Ptychographical Imaging


Electron ptychographic microscopy for three-dimensional imaging

We reported a combination of electron ptychography with the inverse multislice method. Depth sectioning of a nanostructured material into slices with 0.34 nm lateral resolution and with a corresponding depth resolution of about 24-30 nm was demonstrated. This 3D imaging method has potential applications for the 3D structure determination of a range of objects, ranging from inorganic nanostructures to biological macromolecules. This work was published in Nature Communications.

Ptychography with Hollow Pixelated Detector (5D STEM)

Hollow Ptycho

Hollow Electron Ptychographic Diffractive Imaging

We report a method for quantitative phase recovery and simultaneous electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) analysis using ptychographic reconstruction of a data set of “hollow” diffraction patterns. This has the potential for recovering both structural and chemical information at atomic resolution with a new generation of detectors.This work was published in Physical Review Letters.